(drips) now carries records and compact discs for sale


hello friends, we have been having some slow growth over the past few months. so i have been trying to figure out other niches to fill in council bluffs. i have been watching a couple friends open successful record stores over the past few months in other parts of the country. i then realized i have a garage full of records, and compact discs that have not seen the light of day in over 5 years.

i started bringing in a few collectable records a few months ago. some of the really good ones went right away, but i got caught up handling other business. in the last few weeks, i added a couple crates full of records. a lot of it is dance music(not all house, some techno, trance, and dnb), and some are rock, jazz, ect. we are going to start building some sort of browsers soon, but for now, you get to dig through milk crates. i also am bringing in lots of cds. same genre situation with them, but way more rock and indie titles.

i set up a vinyl listening station, if you need to check out a record before you buy it(obviously not the few new records i have, just used). you should bring your own headphones though, as i do not like others to use mine.

i may start buying in used vinyl soon. i want to go through all of mine, and get that sorted first.

we are having second sunday of the month record swaps, lead by joe benson from kanesville kollectibles. focusing primarily on dance music, but not limited to. follow us on facebook and stay in the know. https://www.facebook.com/lcs.drips/

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