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So I finally had stopped by Drips the other day. The middle of the afternoon isn’t exactly ideal for a cup of coffee, but I don’t have a latte extra time….(ba dum bum, cymbal clang). Pun very much intended.


Since it was a quieter part of the day for the business on 1010 S. Main Street, I got the chance to visit with the owner, Tres (pronounced Trey). He educated me on the art of pour over coffee and all things caffeine.

image-17Pour over coffee is a much slower process than that of your average coffee shop, however, does it ever bring out the flavors in the cup o joe! I had the choice between two that day, one of which included chocolate and apricot, but Tres said he couldn’t quite taste those flavors in it yet, so I went with option B. It was made from coffee beans only…

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